our documents is a film, photography and multimedia collaboration by Giacomo Francia and Cynthia Rivera. Their projects reflect their interest in working class and social justice issues told through various documentary methods and storytelling techniques. 

Giacomo Francia is a Filmmaker and a Multimedia Editor. He graduated from the University of Rome with a degree in Film and Cinema Studies that sparked his interest in social issues. His work has been featured in The New York Times Op-Docs, which nominated him for a POY(Picture Of the Year) Award in 2016, The Guggenheim Museum, The Ground Truth Project (Global Post) and PBS-Thirteen. He is currently a freelance Filmmaker and the BDC Films Project Manager, a fellowship program designed to address the lack of support for traditionally underrepresented documentary filmmakers in the Bronx.

personal website: rtfice.com

Cynthia Rivera is an artist and photographer who has been the Exhibition Coordinator at the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) since 2016. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photography and minor in art history. Besides curating exhibits, she handmakes photo/art books, specializing in works with family and social justice themes. Originally from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she now resides in the South Bronx.

While at the BDC, Rivera has designed, co-curated, printed, and produced numerous exhibitions, including Not Forgotten: An Arkansas Family Album, New Documents, Spanish Harlem: El Barrio In The 80’s, Journeys: Immigration Stories, Flint Is A Place, Attacks On The Press: Mexico, and War And Peace In Liberia.

personal website: cfirstrlast.com

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